Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Manhattan Declaration

Please take a look at The Manhattan Declaration and sign it. It is a declaration regarding the following:

"Christians, when they have lived up to the highest ideals of their faith, have defended the weak and vulnerable and worked tirelessly to protect and strengthen vital institutions of civil society, beginning with the family.

We are Orthodox, Catholic, and evangelical Christians who have united at this hour to reaffirm fundamental truths about justice and the common good, and to call upon our fellow citizens, believers and non-believers alike, to join us in defending them. These truths are:
  1. the sanctity of human life
  2. the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife
  3. the rights of conscience and religious liberty.

Inasmuch as these truths are foundational to human dignity and the well-being of society, they are inviolable and non-negotiable. Because they are increasingly under assault from powerful forces in our culture, we are compelled today to speak out forcefully in their defense, and to commit ourselves to honoring them fully no matter what pressures are brought upon us and our institutions to abandon or compromise them. We make this commitment not as partisans of any political group but as followers of Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. "

It is a movement for all who are tired of having abortion, stem cell research, euthanasia and other atrocities crammed down their throats. It is time to stand together and speak up. It is time to defend the principles upon which this country was founded.

Aren't you tired of thinking about your tax dollars paying for abortions?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dissenting Nun is in Desperate Need of Prayers

Sister Quinn, an ardent supporter of abortion and all things non-Catholic, heretically says that the Blessed Mother was one of the first women in the New Testament to express choice. This train of thought is beyond shocking.

Please pray for this woman who has strayed so far from the faith and has created her own where she says, "Faithful and respectful dissent is vital to the life of the church. It enables the church community to think, to deliberate, to debate and to grow in relationship to one another and in relationship to God. We cannot afford to let our dissenters be silenced. They are a gift to our church."

Distorting church teaching is not a gift, it is destruction and evil. Portraying the Mother of God as a proponent of abortion is incomprehensible. Abortion, at the root, is about selfishness and ease of life. Mary, in her fiat, accepted all the difficulties and hardships that being the Mother of God would create. She in no way had an easy life. She received incomprehensible joy, being so close to Jesus but also had unbearable agony as well. Where in her life does she take a selfish, easy path? Mary is the antithesis of abortion.

O Mary, conceived without sin, intercede for Sister Quinn. Ask the Holy Spirit to engulf her heart with the truth and a true love of your Son. Pray for us sinners.
At the bottom of the lifenews article there is contact information for Sister Quinn's Prioress. Please contact the Prioress regarding Sister Quinn's actions and ask her to lovingly correct the errant nun. I did.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fascinating People

Barbara Walters did her show regarding the most fascinating people of 2009. Ffffttt, please! Celebrities and sports figures should automatically be exempt as should people married to political figures. What has Michelle Obama done that makes her fascinating? Woo, she married Barack; big sorry deal. Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert? Two confused young people who exploit themselves and shock in order to retain attention. What happened to real talent? So, in disgust I came up with my own list of living people who are fascinating to me.

1. Pope Benedict XVI
2. Mary Jo Copeland
3. Sarah Palin
4. Catholics who live and practice their faith
5. Those who have or are serving in the military and their families
6. Women who regret their abortions and courageously speak out about it.
7. John McCain
8. Former atheists who have found the true faith
9. Faithful bishops: Burke, Dolan, Chaput
10. George W Bush

and an honorary mention goes to the guys at Hillbuzz for this post about George W Bush; their support of Sarah Palin and because they see Obamanation and Oprah the Devil for what they are.

Whom do you find fascinating?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Attacking Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has been subject to relentless attacks on her intelligence, her abilities, her personality and traits as well as attacks on her family ever since her name was released as a candidate for VP of the United States. She has been so vilified by the media that they will take anyone's word as authority. Levi Johnston (aka Ricky Hollywood (gag)) was on Entertainment Tonight or the Insider - one of those sensationalist rags- saying Mrs Palin is a diva who puts herself first before anyone else. It seems to me that a woman who chooses life for her downs baby as well as works hard, demanding jobs, hunts and fishes is anything but a diva.

Why is she so feared and hated? She appears to be a woman of common sense, a rare thing these days. She appears to be a woman of integrity, faith and morals who cares more about doing a job right than toeing the party line. She does what she says she will do. She is gracious and positive in the face of the barrage of insulting garbage that has been flung at her.

The United States could have done worse. We certainly have worse now. We are the ones who lost the election, not Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Faithless women

Anonymous wrote : Can someone PLEASE talk about women who cheat on men....... As I write this there is a man living in the house God allowed me to purchase for my family...... The agony is unbearable...... Please pray for me that I can endure this cross......

The stereotypes are of the home-wrecking tart and the straying husband, but women cheat, too. Is it more shocking then when a woman is unfaithful? I think so. The woman is the heart of the home, and by extension the family, in most cases. She is the one who creates a comfortable refuge for her loved ones. That is not a stereotype, it is the way we are made.

Unfaithfulness destroys. It is a completely selfish act.

I know one man who went through unbearable agony and suffering when his wife cheated on him. He was willing to forgive her, especially for the sake of their children. He wanted to repair their lives, and their marriage. He went through a tremendous transformation because of it. He now says that he had to go through that; it was God's way of preparing him for something better. He is back in communion with the Church and is much happier now.

Anonymous, I am so sorry for your pain and suffering. I will pray for you. Please try the Divine Mercy chaplet. The closing prayer is so comforting, I hope you find it so. It says,

Eternal God, in Whom mercy is endless, and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments, we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy Itself. Amen.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Confession of a bad wife

I am a bad wife. I don't cook or clean my house very often. I don't take care of my husband the way I should, certainly not the way he'd like. I didn't start out that way. When I was a single mom, my house was always clean and neat, I cooked and fed my daughter the way a mother should. I had no one else to rely upon so I did what I needed to do.

Then I got married with dreams of sharing household duties, working side by side with my husband who dreamed of a wife like June Cleaver. Why should I have to do everything when we both are working full time? Gradually resentment, stubbornness, pride, disordered priorities, too little humility and too much love of self led me to where I am now.

But, I want to change my ways. Can I get a hallelujah? I will have to start out slowly because I know if I try to change overnight, that's not going to happen. So here's my plan ( and you'll probably think "duh!"): I'll do what I should before what I want; clean the kitchen, do the dishes before getting on the computer or reading a book. That simple. I'll start to plan meals again. I'll start to live like I did when I had no one else to rely upon. I'll do what I need to do and I won't wait for my husband to jump in and help or feel resentful if he doesn't.

How's this for a huge poke from God? One of the books I purchased at the Graced & Gifted conference is called Graced & Gifted, biblical wisdom for the homemaker's heart. I hadn't realized what it was about when I bought it. I picked it up by mistake thinking it was a different book. I know from Whom the desire to change came and I am thankful.

Please pray that I do my task with love and change my ways.

O Mary, conceived without sin, you were a homemaker. Please bless all the wives and mothers who struggle sometimes to take care of their loved ones.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gifted and Graced with Kimberly Hahn

Kimberly Hahn is speaking at a nearby church tomorrow. It is a conference for women only called Gifted and Graced . I am so excited to go! I think it is so necessary for women to get together to talk, pray and celebrate being women. Same goes for men. I think it is wonderful for men to get together in faith.

Kimberly Hahn is the wife of Dr Scott Hahn. Their conversion story is in a beautifully written book called Rome Sweet Home.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Parting Words

"Do you really want that to be the last thing you say to me and the last thing I hear?" This is a question I often asked my daughter when she would try to storm out of the house or to her room after an, "I hate you!" or some other hurtful phrase. I'd say, "What if this was the last time you saw me or I saw you? Is that what you'd want either of us to remember?" She often felt I tried to "guilt" her by asking this. I wasn't. I've just learned you never know when is the last time you will see someone or they you.

An acquaintance's husband collapsed and died the other day. Collapsed without warning, as far as I know. I hope they parted that morning with loving words and loving feelings. I hope they both felt appreciated and cherished. We don't know the day or the hour.

Always let your parting words be loving.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for the young woman in her grief and for the repose of her husband's soul.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Forgiving Infidelity, Part 2

What would it take to forgive infidelity? According to my stat counter, many people are searching for the answer and found my harsh stance. Hardly helpful, so I started thinking.What would it take? I think it takes commitment, strength, humility, vulnerability, forgiveness, and selfless love. Lots and lots of all those things, not to mention prayers, support, maturity and hard work. All the opposites of the act of infidelity itself.

My friend Shelby's husband cheated on her and then divorced her. She was willing to forgive and work on their marriage. He was not. She has never said a bad thing about him, ever. She loved him unselfishly. He was too in love with himself to love her. She is so strong and full of courage.

My other friend Leah's husband is an alcoholic, a pathological liar who is verbally abusive, violent without a work ethic or manly pride in supporting their family. He is a waste of skin. Yet there is something in him she loves and so is willing to work at their marriage. She puts them in front of herself. She is strong and loves unselfishly and without reservation or conditions.

I used to think it was strong to sever a relationship with someone who hurt me. Now I know that it is weak and cowardly. Not forgiving is easy. Pride and self have primacy of place and bar the way to forgiveness and truly loving another. I admire my friends for their strength and maturity. I want to learn from their examples and put others ahead of myself. I want to love even when it hurts and it would be easier to give up.

For anyone suffering from infidelity, you have my prayers, support and admiration for seeking a way to forgive.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Knew You

I saw a bumper sticker today that said, "Before I knit you in the womb, I knew you". It made me think about the stir Nancy Pelosi caused quite a while ago saying that she has studied the question of when the soul enters the body of a child and believes that only recently has it been thought by the Catholic Church that it is at conception. She, of course is grossly mistaken. Life begins at conception.

"I knew you". Unlike motor companies and other manufacturers, God doesn't need models, concept sketches or prototypes (unless you count Adam. Just kidding!). How could God know us unless our soul existed before we were created physically? "I knew you". He knows us because He created our souls. Body and soul are put together at conception. How cool is that: "I knew you".

Please pray for the conversion of Nancy Pelosi and other abortion supporters.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Letter to the President

Mr President,

You appear to be confused as to what country it is exactly you have been elected, not crowned or divinely appointed, but elected to serve. This is the United States of America, not the Socialist States of America. By the way, there are 50 said states not 57 as it has been rumored you'd said during your campaign.

Here's how it works in the United States: you and the senate and house members are elected by the people of the United States. Basically, you work for us. We're telling you quite plainly that we do not want your socialist health care plan. Are you going to be subject to that same health plan? The same end of life counseling?

Also, for you to call on religious leaders to try to gain their support for this ridiculous program is quite bold. By the way, saying that you are partners with God in life and health was a big mistake. God alone is the Author of Life. Your views of what a viable, worthy life are well known. Your career has been built on your rabid support of abortion and infanticide. If you are partners with anyone, it is the devil. Murder and evil is much more his style as it is yours.

Finally, are your cronies really going to blame the failure to get support of your health plan on racial prejudice? I may wake up each morning asking my self how your election happened but it has nothing to do with your race. You could be orange like an oompa loompa and I would still think the same way. I wonder at the stupidity of the American people and I wonder if they ever bothered to listen to what you said during your campaign. It is your agenda people are opposing, not your color.



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adoration Activity

I don't think reading during Adoration is wrong, by any means, but I've felt increasingly odd lately about it. Why? I feel like I am ignoring Jesus. If He were sitting in front of me in the flesh, I certainly would not be reading a book; I'd be talking to Him. Actually, I'd probably be flat on my face, wordless in fear and awe. So, why read in His Presence? He's still there, looking at me.

Last time I went I brought some cross stitch with me. It was very peaceful and I could 'talk' more easily without getting distracted, bored or fidgety.

What do you think? What do you do during Adoration?

Treat me right

On the way home from work today I heard the old 80's song by Pat Benatar called Treat Me Right. Remember that one? Remember her? She was so little and skinny! Anyway, I was thinking about the lyrics and how it reflects some people's relationship with God and could be sung from God's point of view.

Think of all the people who use the Lord's name in vain all day long but may not spend any time in prayer. Think of all the people who largely ignore God until a tragedy befalls them. 9/11 anyone? Remember how packed churches were? Look at the confession lines and then the number of people who receive the Holy Eucharist. I don't know how He doesn't smite us all.

He doesn't smite us because He is Mercy, Compassion and Love. He offers us the opportunity to return to Him, if we are truly sorry.

Which reminds me.. I need to get to confession.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where is my trust in Him?

I am supposed to attend a baby shower soon. I thought I could do it. But the closer it gets, the more headaches I've had; my stomach is upset; I am angry and moody.

I can't go. I had to take xanax in order to just go into the store to buy the gift and couldn't make it out of there without crying. Of course there were pregnant women and babies everywhere.

I really thought I has accepted God's will regarding my miscarriage. I thought I believed that it is an honor God chose us to help create that soul. If I were trusting and believed, wouldn't I have peace and be able to attend this shower?

I feel really selfish.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Idol Worship

How much time do you think the average person has spent on Michael Jackson's death? Probably much more time than he has in prayer or at church. Why? Why have celebrities become so all -consuming to Joe and Jane Public? America is creating its own gods and pronouncing them good.

We are inundated by television and magazines with information about celebrities, their habits, their love lives and all sorts of details of which we have no business knowing and we eat it up like candy. Magazines like People and US are filled with gossip and tawdry details. Why doesn't anyone realize it is none of our business. Yes, they are celebrities. Yes, some of them have talent but they are not the property of the people of the United States. But, they are treated as such. I would not want to be treated that way. I would not want my heartbreaks, mistakes and failures to be fodder for the great unwashed.

I used to have subscriptions to those magazines. I liked to look at them mostly for the clothes they showed, especially to awards shows. I really got sick of all the gossip and endless speculation and I felt guilty for participating in gossip. I also got sick of them using their celebrity status to push their agenda. So I quit.

There is going to be a memorial in LA for Michael Jackson. He was a poor, lost soul. It would be much better for those attending, and Michael himself, if they spent that time in prayer for the repose of his soul.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obamanation, We ARE a Christian Country..look

President Barack Obama said in Turkey : "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."

Take a look, not one Allah to be found. Lots of Almighty God and lookit Virginia getting all crazy and flat out talking about Christian forbearance, love and charity!

From an email I received:

Alabama 1901, Preamble We the people of the State of Alabama , invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish the following Constitution..
Alaska 1956, Preamble We, the people of Alaska , grateful to God and to those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land.
Arizona 1911, Preamble We, the people of the State of Arizona , grateful to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution...
Arkansas 1874, Preamble We, the people of the State of Arkansas , grateful to Almighty God for the privilege of choosing our own form of government...
California 1879, Preamble We, the People of the State of California , grateful to =2 0 Almighty God for our freedom...
Colorado 1876, Preamble We, the people of Colorado , with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of Universe... (no, Obama, this doesn't mean you.)
Connecticut 1818, Preamble. The People of Connecticut, acknowledging with gratitude the good Providence of God in permitting them to enjoy.
Delaware 1897, Preamble Through Divine Goodness all men have, by nature, the rights of worshipping and serving their Creator according to the dictates of their consciences...
Florida 1885, Preamble We, the people of the State of Florida , grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, establish this Constitution...
Georgia 1777, Preamble We, the people of Georgia , relying upon protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution...
Hawaii 1959, Preamble We , the people of Hawaii , Grateful for Divine Guidance ... Establish this Constitution.
Idaho 1889, Preamble We, the people of the State of Idaho , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings.
Illinois 1870, Preamble We, the people of the State of Illinois, grateful to Almighty God for the civil , political and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy and looking to Him for a blessing on our endeavors.
Indiana 1851, Preamble We, the People of the State of Indiana , grateful to Almighty God for the free exercise of the right to choose our form of government.
Iowa 1857, Preamble We, the People of the St ate of Iowa , grateful to the Supreme Being (again, Obama, not YOU) for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuation of these blessings, establish this Constitution.
Kansas 1859, Preamble We, the people of Kansas , grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious privileges establish this Constitution.
Kentucky 1891, Preamble.. We, the people of the Commonwealth are grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties..
Louisiana 1921, Preamble We, the people of the State of Louisiana , grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties we enjoy.
Maine 1820, Preamble We the People of Maine acknowledging with grateful hearts the goodness of the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in affording us an opportunity .. And imploring His aid and direction.
Maryland 1776, Preamble We, the people of the state of Maryland , grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberty...
Massachusetts 1780, Preamble We...the people of Massachusetts, acknowledging with grateful hearts, the goodness of the Great Legislator of the Universe (still not you in a million years)In the course of His Providence, an opportunity and devoutly imploring His direction
Michigan 1908, Preamble. We, the people of the State of Michigan , grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom, establish this Constitution.
Minnesota, 1857, Preamble We, the people of the State of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings:
Mississippi 1890, Preamble We, the people of Mississippi in convention assembled, grateful to Almighty God, and invoking His blessing on our work.
Missouri 1845, Preamble We, the people of Missouri , with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness . Establish this Constitution...
Montana 1889, Preamble. We, the people of Montana , grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of liberty establish this Constitution ..
Nebraska 1875, Preamble We, the people, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom . Establish this Constitution.
Nevada 1864, Preamble We the people of the State of Nevada , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, establish this Constitution...
New Hampshire 1792, Part I. Art. I. Sec. V Every individual has a natural and unalienable right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.
New Jersey 1844, Preamble We, the people of the State of New Jersey, grateful to Almighty God for civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing on our endeavors.
New Mexico 1911, Preamble We, the People of New Mexico, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of liberty..
New York 1846, Preamble We, the people of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings.
North Carolina 1868, Preamble We the people of the State of North Carolina, grateful to Almighty God, the Sovereign Ruler of Nations, for our civil, political, and religious liberties, and acknowledging our dependence upon Him for the continuance of those...
North Dakota 1889, Preamble We , the people of North Dakota, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, do ordain...
Ohio 1852, Preamble We the people of the state of Ohio, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and to promote our common.
Oklahoma 1907, Preamble Invoking the guidance of Almighty God, in order to secure and perpetuate the blessings of liberty, establish this
Oregon 20 1857, Bill of Rights, Article I Section 2. All men shall be secure in the Natural right, to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences
Pennsylvania 1776, Preamble We, the people of Pennsylvania, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, and humbly invoking His guidance....
Rhode Island 1842, Preamble. We the People of the State of Rhode Island grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing...
South Carolina, 1778, Preamble We, the people of the State of South Carolina grateful to God for our liberties, do ordain and establish this Constitution.
South Dakota 1889, Preamble We, the people of South Dakota, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberties ...
Tennessee 1796, Art. XI..III. That all men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their conscience.
Texas 1845, Preamble We the People of the Republic of Texas, acknowledging, with gratitude, the grace and beneficence of God.
Utah 1896, Preamble Grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty, we establish this Constitution.
Vermont 1777, Preamble Whereas all government ought to enable the individuals who compose it to enjoy their natural rights, and other blessings which the Author of Existence has bestowed on man ..
Virginia 1776, Bill of Rights, XVI Religion, or the Duty which we owe our Creator can be directed only by Reason and that it is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian Forbearance, Love and Charity towards each other
Washington 1889, Preamble We the People of the State of Washington, grateful to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution
West Virginia 1872, Preamble Since through Divine Providence we enjoy the blessings of civil, political and religious liberty, we, the people of West Virginia reaffirm our faith in and constant reliance upon God ...
Wisconsin 1848, Preamble We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, domestic tranquility.. .
Wyoming 1890, Preamble We, the people of the State of Wyoming, grateful to God for our civil, political, and religious liberties, establish this Constitution...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking it too far

There's a Facebook poll which asks "Should same sex marriage be legalized?" I have friends who have voted either way. After voting yes, one acquaintance put up a status saying,

"Relationships will always be a personal process; and to have one or a group of people express their views that love is only a bond by the opposite sex has limited themselves spiritually. Because the hatred overshadows humanity, and the purity of God's love."

I think this is an extreme, if typical, reaction by those who support same sex marriage. How does hatred enter the equation to a simple yes or no question? No commentary, either for or against is given on this question by the respondents. Simple disagreement with an opposing view is now hatred? Making such a statement is equivalent of doing an amputation for a finger with a sliver in it!

Being spiritually limited? That piece made me laugh a little as well as gag. If one has a desire to do something or for something does not make it moral, licit or natural. One's desire does not make it a right that one is being denied. With this weak argument much could be made in a case for bestiality or pedophilia. Practictioners of those perversions probably find them fabulous as well. Why should those bonds of 'love' be denied?

Finally, God's opinion is quite clear in the bible regarding homosexuality. He's not for it. God loves each and every one of us. Each and every one. God's love is not restricted or limited, due to His unfathomable mercy. That does not mean that He necessarily loves our actions or our sins. We can choose to end our friendship with God by our actions and our sins. We do not have the right to demand anything of God much less "Love me, love my sins". Far better for all of us to ask ourselves, Which do I love more: God or my sins?

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for those who have recourse to thee!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Would you? Could you? Forgive Infidelity?

Entropy has been posting lately about marriage, or for you Princess Bride fans, mawwaige. In one of the posts about the burden of honesty we were talking about would we want to know if our spouse was unfaithful.

Entropy said yes. I don't think I would want to know. I think it is pure selfishness to unload that onto someone else just so you can feel better. I think it more fitting that the cheater suffer the guilt and burden alone. Dumping that on an unsuspecting spouse is just insult to injury.

I know three couples who have dealt with this issue. One is still together and the other two are divorced. The woman who is divorced was willing to forgive her husband and wanted to work on their marriage and save it. She has never said an unkind word about that cheating jerk. I have often been impressed by her love and commitment to him. The husband in the other couple was willing to overlook his wife's infidelity and work on their marriage for the sake of the children.
And it makes me wonder what is lacking in me because I'm pretty sure that I could not forgive or forget much less trust my husband if he ever did such a thing. And he'd never touch me again, that's for damn certain.

When we had one of our meetings with the priest before we got married, Father asked if there was anything we wouldn't be able to forgive. My soon to be husband said no. I said, adamantly yes: infidelity and drugs/alcohol. Father kinda blinked then looked at my husband and said, well, now you know.

Here's why: infidelity is not an accident. It is a deliberate choice each and every step along the way, it is a choice. Clothes don't just fall off. You don't just magically end up in someone else's bed. It may take several steps or one giant one, but it is still a choice. Each piece of clothing you remove is a choice.

That was one of the reasons I didn't like the movie He's Just Not That Into You. It showed the husband making those steps. He tried a little bit, to avoid the temptation but he kept putting himself in situations that could lead to more than just temptation.

For those husbands and wives who are willing and able to forgive and forge on, I have nothing but respect and admiration for them. Maybe a little bit of envy, too. It takes a lot of forgiveness, strength, courage, love and humility to be able to do that.

Would you, could you forgive infidelity? Would you want to know that your spouse was unfaithful to you?

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Value of Life

No one has the right to deprive another of life. Each one of us, and our lives, belongs to God. God alone determines when we draw our last breath. No one who values life, from conception to natural death, would violate this by murder.

Much spin will be put on the suspect accused of murdering Tiller. Much emphasis will be made if this person considered himself to be 'pro-life'. More focus will be put on pro-life groups, even now being considered and called terrorist groups. Anything to divert the public's attention from the truth of abortion, what it does, what it is, its long term effects and how it is performed.

Much will be said about Tiller and the 'value' and 'good' he has done by murdering innocent babies by the thousands and the terrible injustice done to him and by his murder, women everywhere. That all is just blathering, posturing and hot air. Tiller was a modern day Herod, responsible for the violent slaughter of innocent life. Tiller, unless he repented in his last moments, died with innocent blood on his hands. God Himself said such blood cries out to Him from the ground.

Please pray for Tiller's soul, for his family and for the person who murdered him. Please pray for the conversion of all abortionists and for healing for all those suffering from the aftermath of an abortion.

Every life, from the most innocent in the womb to the most heinous, is precious to God and belongs to Him.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kudos to Archbishop Nienstedt

Kudos to Archbishop Nienstedt regarding his reply to the Rainbow Sash Alliance regarding Pentecost Sunday. RAS is a group for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual catholics (?) and their allies. Allies? Are we at war? Apparently so or at the very least under attack.

What a difficult position to be in! As the Shepard of this archdiocese, he must love the sinner but hate the sin; instruct the ignorant and counsel the sinner. He does so beautifully and lovingly.

I am overjoyed that there are courageous, faithful bishops and archbishops who are willing to do this. Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, I hope you're next for your position on abortion.

Via Father Zuhlsdorf is Archbishop Nienstedt's reply to the Rainbow Sash Alliance regarding their intended (and past) behavior during the Pentecost Mass. He firmly but gently says, No, those wearing sashes will not be allowed to receive the Eucharist.

These disruptive, disrespectful and disordered souls feel the need every Pentecost to don their sashes to parade their sins through the church and demand to receive the Eucharist. According to Brian McNeill, the organizer of the Rainbow Sash Alliance, they attend in such a fashion on Pentecost Sunday to "celebrate who we are". Go celebrate who you are in Loring Park.

The Mass is not a celebration of you, me or anyone other than Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Yes, our sins, yours, mine and everyone else's. None of us are to receive the Eucharist if we are not in a state of grace otherwise, we 'eat and drink condemnation unto ourselves'. (1 Cor. 11:23-29) We're supposed to be sorry for our sins, not symbolize them with a sash, which shows pride, arrogance and ignorance.

The Rainbow Sash people want to 'dialogue' with the Church, where dialogue means alter the Church to suit their desires, disordered and otherwise. People, there's a reason that the Church has not changed in 2000 years. It is because it upholds the truth. Truth doesn't change.

Please pray for Brian McNeill and his misguided group.

"Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen"

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Look at Rainbow Sash Alliance

emphasis and commentary are mine.
This is what the Rainbow Sash Alliance is about:

In wearing the Rainbow Sash we proclaim that we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who embrace and celebrate our sexuality as a sacred gift. There's the first problem! In order to receive the Eucharist, one must be in a state of grace. An active homosexual is not in a state of grace. Also, to be Catholic, one must be faithful to the teachings of the Church. There's no picking and choosing. There's no changing what you don't like to suit yourself.

In wearing the Rainbow Sash we call the Roman Catholic Church:

  • to honor our wisdom and experience; (Let's see: Catholic Church 2000 years, RAS 11 years, who has the wisdom and experience?)

  • to enter into public dialogue with us; (This should really read: change to suit our disordered demands. Give us the validation that we crave. Tell us that what we are doing is acceptable, normal and morally right).

  • to work with us for justice and understanding.

Together, let us seek a new appreciation of human sexuality in all of its diversity and beauty. Don't tell us no. Don't tell us we are wrong. There's no such thing as sin. Where is your tolerance? Don't spread your hate (truth). Don't tell us what we don't want to hear.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Measure of a Man and a Thank You to Those Who Serve

Gates Hails Soldier Snapped in Pink Boxer Shorts - Afghanistan | Map | War -

What is the measure of a man? Courage, honesty, loyalty, bravery, commitment, valuing the good of others over the good of oneself. These measures are missing in a good many men today. The soldier who didn't finish getting dress, garbed only in a red t-shirt, flip-flops and pink boxers, to go fight an attack on his unit has these measures in spades. He didn't think of himself first, he got his pink boxer covered ass out to fight and defend his unit. This soldier is nineteen years old. He and so many others like him deserve our thanks, our gratitude and our support.

This weekend is not just the start of summer. It is not just a long weekend. Monday's specific purpose is to honor men like Zachary Boyd of Fort Worth Texas. Men who have served this country, given their blood and some their lives to keep the United States free and protected; to fight against grave evil as in WWII. Men and women who put themselves in harm's way so that we can live out of harm's way. Their families, who live without their loved ones for long periods of time; parents who know and fear the risks that their selfless children take to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq and other areas of the world.

Thank you, Mr and Mrs Boyd, what an outstanding young man you have raised. Thanks Dad, for fighting in WWII. Thanks June Cleaver for the sacrifice you and your family make each day while your husband serves. Thank you to the countless others who have served this nation and their families.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mary, Day by Day

Can a woman forget her infant, be without mercy for the child in her womb? And if she forget, I shall never forget you. ~ Isa 49:15

Reflection: The Blessed Virgin Mary is like a mother who has many children. She is always busy going from one to the other! ~ St John Vianney

Prayer: O Mary, you are more devoted to the salvation of your children than any earthly mother can be. I thank you for your loving concern for me, which will only rest when I am in heaven with you.

Taken from Mary, Day by Day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I remember Momma

This time of year is very hard for me. My mom died almost 20 years ago. Her wake was on Mother's Day so the two events are inextricably linked in my mind. Some years are harder than others. This year seems to be especially hard.

My mom was not an emotional, touchy-feely mom, free with hugs and kisses. She rarely, if ever, said "I love you". She certainly never said she was proud of me. She showed her love by doing things for us. I never understood for many years that when she made home-made bread, she was saying "I love you".

We were not on good terms when she died so with her died the possibility of reconciliation, forgiveness and to know for certain she loved me or at least liked me. She never forgave me for getting pregnant at an unwed nineteen. When I was pregnant, she was embarrassed and ashamed to be seen with me. She wouldn't go to church with me.

There are many things that I learned from my mom, good and bad, that I have adopted as a mother myself. I've tried to make holidays and birthdays special. I always decorated the house on holidays. But I've been free with my hugs and kisses. My daughter knows down to the marrow of her bones that I love her and am proud of her and consider her the best gift from God. She also knows to never leave someone with angry words or hurt feelings because you never know if that is the last time you will see her.

I've been wondering a lot this year what it would be like if my mom were still alive. I have been praying that she has finally forgiven me. I've been praying for her soul. I've been trying to remember the good things and forget and forgive the bad. I also wish her intercession so that I will be a good mother and change the things I need to change.

For anyone who still has their mother, please, appreciate that you still have her with you. Forgive her if she's hurt you and pray for her.

Happy Mother's day to you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Poke from God

I don't know what people mean when they say God talks to them. Do they hear voices? Do they have conversations? What does that mean? God doesn't talk to me. Never has. I think what He does do is give me a poke and sometimes a whap upside the head. No, I don't mean that all of a sudden my head flies sideways or that I jump and squeal as if Someone physically poked me.

There's a church of some denomination near us that has a sign upon which they put various bible verses. God often uses that to give me a 'straighten up' poke, a 'work on this' poke. Other pokes come from things I read or hear.

Very, very often, on my blog that I accidentally deleted, I wrote about my struggle with forgiveness, giving and receiving. During the last four years or so, God was poking me constantly about forgiveness. Sunday's readings, the church's bible verse signs.. poke, poke, whap! During this last year, I've had a huge conversion of heart and am learning to forgive. When you read the word huge you should hear a radio announcer's deep voice that sort of thunders. That's how dramatic it has been. Due only to the grace and mercy of God because, left to my own devices, it never would have happened. Thanks be to God for His kindness!

Yesterday, I had quite the little catty gabfest with a coworker. I should have eaten meow mix and cream. Gossip is a sin. Yesterday, during Adoration. St Teresa of Avila says in her Collected Works, volume one:

"But let us strive always to look at the virtues and good deeds we see in others and cover their defects with the thought of our own great sins. This is a manner of acting that, although we cannot do so with perfection right away, gradually gains for us a great virtue, that is: considering all others better than ourselves. In this way with the help of God one begins to acquire this virtue, for it is necessary in all things; and when it is lacking, all our efforts are useless."

How about that for a poke? Humility, poke! Pride, whap! Kindness, poke! Charity, whap! whap!whap! I need, very obviously to mind my own business and not someone else's.

Lord Jesus, have pity on me, a sinner.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spiritual Dryness ,Virtues and Sins

So, during confession Father said I might be doing something wrong. Probably. One of the things has been neglecting the Holy Spirit. I am trying to get better there. A couple weeks ago during CCD we were talking about virtues, what they are and how they are the jewels in the crown of glory those who go to heaven receive.

So what are the virtues? There are four cardinal one and three others. Peter Kreeft, speaking about the four cardinal virtues says they "are the hinges upon which the other virtues turn". These virtues are those that we can develop by practice.

- According to Father John Hardon, knowledge of things that ought to be done and things that ought to be avoided. Very simply put, knowing right and wrong. Not society's ever shifting right and wrong, you're ok and I'm ok and our very divergent realities are ok. But the black and white, unchanging right and wrong.
- the constant and permanent determination to give everyone his rightful due (as described by Father John Hardon) But this is not merely legal. It is the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Each person deserves respect simply because he has been created by God and is a child of God. One's rights do not and should not detract from another's. That is why there is no justice in abortion. By giving one the right to 'choose' another is losing the right to exist.
- a person who is willing to put himself in danger's way if necessary. Not a reckless risk-taker doing so for a rush. Also, simply doing the right thing in the face of fear, public opinion, intimidation.
Temperance - moderation, self-control in all matters and situations, including emotions.

The other theological virtues, graces from God are:
Faith - firm and unwavering belief
Hope - in the promises of Christ, of Heaven and in Salvation. Relying on the Holy Spirit, God's grace and mercy not our own strengths.
Love (Charity)- generosity of self and in thought.

Then there are the seven heavenly virtues of which there is some overlap:
Chastity- Christopher West talks about 'custody of the eyes' during his lectures on JPII's Theology of the Body. Do I allow my eyes to roam and linger on what might lead me into lust and temptation? Do I read books and watch movies that would do the same?
Diligence- do I work hard? Am I careful with my time? Do I use my time wisely?
Patience - forbearance, the ability to forgive and show mercy.
Kindness - Do I treat others kindly? Do I try to see Christ in others?
Humility - modesty, unselfishness, giving respect and credit to others when due. I kind of get now why some saints will say they are 'nothing' or lowly like a worm. It is their recognition that we owe all to God and without Him we are truly nothing and their love of God's greatness that leads them to say this.

On the flip side, there are the seven deadly sins, which I will bet anyone can name faster than any of the virtues I have mentioned. Why is it so easy to remember the bad and not the good?

Pride - excessive belief in one's own abilities without regard for God. Commonly regarded as the root of all the other deadly sins. For what are the sins generally if not rooted in selfishness? And isn't it pride that keeps people out of the confessional in droves? Isn't it pride that keeps us from forgiving one another and seeking forgiveness for ourselves? I know from years and years of practice that for me, it is. Although, I was willing to seek forgiveness from my sins from God but not willing to forgive others or seek their forgiveness of me. I'm still working on learning to forgive.
Lust - the excessive desire for physical and sensual pleasure. Wouldn't this also be attachment to sin?
Avarice - desire for material gain
Envy - a desire for what another has - possession or trait and my thought is that it goes beyond that to depriving another of that possession or trait...not wanting them to have it at all.
Sloth - apathy to God and one's soul. Spiritual and physical laziness. Ignoring one's duties: am I tooling around on the internet or reading a book when I should be cleaning or making dinner?
Anger - rejection of love and mercy and opting for violence and hate.
Gluttony - consumption of more of anything than what you really need. Not just food related.

It is a sobering and kinda depressing to see where I am failing and sinning. But it is also a start because I have many, many things to work on and many prayers to say. Looking at the virtues and sins together is fascinating and a good preparation for confession.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spiritual Dryness and the Holy Spirit

During confession last week, I brought up the difficulty I have been having during prayer and Adoration. My fear was in offending the Lord for lack of love and lack of respect. The priest, oddly enough, mentioned St Teresa of Avila's difficulty during prayer. It was odd since I am in the midst of reading St Teresa's collected works, volume one. He mentioned that spiritual dryness is often experienced either due to our doing something wrong or being called to a higher level.

Really, spiritual dryness is something I associate with saints. Blessed Mother Teresa was said to have suffered through a very long (50 years?) bout with spiritual dryness. So, my gut reaction was, "Huh, I must be doing something wrong". But I don't know what it is.

Fortunately, I do know Whom to ask for help. The Sanctifier, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit. As I was waiting in line for confession, I was going through my prayer book and came across prayers to the Holy Spirit. I have sadly neglected the Holy Spirit my whole life. But this prayer leaped off the page and smacked me in the heart. Another poke from God...

Novena Prayer to Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit of God, Holy Spirit the Comforter,
Whom I have slighted, grieved and resisted from my
childhood up to this day, receive me now as your disciple;
guide me, enlighten me, sanctify me.
Make me to know your sevenfold gift -
the spirit of wisdom and understanding,
of counsel and of fortitude,
of knowledge and of piety, and of
fear of the Lord.

You who are the Spirit of the Father and the Son;
You who are the love of the Father and the Son;
You who baptise with fire, and shed abroad the love of God,
shed that love into my heart.

One thing I have desired of the Lord,
not wealth, rank, power, worldly happiness, nor any worldly good,
but one spark of that heavenly fire to kindle within me the love of my God.

Holy Spirit,
I give myself to You with all my intellect and with all my heart.
I desire to be bound to You.
For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
No other liberty is true.
To be Your servant is to be living in the freedom of the sons of God.

Take me, Holy Spirit, take me as your disciple. Be my guide:
wheresoever You lead, I will follow;
whatsoever You forbid, I will renounce;
whatsoever You command, in Your strength I will obey.

Father of the poor, giver of good gifts,
grant the favors I ask in this novena. (Mention petitions here).

Let us pray:
O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant, we beg You, by the same Holy Spirit, to love and relish what is right and evermore to rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make 'em drool

My husband and I are escaping this brown and cold landscape for warmth, sun and sand. We plan on doing a lot of nothing unless it involves a fruity drink (at least for me) and sitting on the beach. Not that I will get a tan. I will come back as ghostly white as I left. But, that's beside the point.

Well, we haven't had a long getaway since our honeymoon... so, in the spirit of things, I bought a semi-slinky dress today that has a deep vee in the front and in the back. I also bought a bra that will hoist up and push together what God gave me. My husband's eyes are going to pop right out of his head! That's if I can actually go through with wearing it. I also bought a tank to wear under the dress so...I'll probably chicken out.

Who says married life is dull?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have a committed adoration hour every week. I have gone upset, angry, sick and every time received comfort when it was needed. I know and believe that it is the Lord before Whom I appear. And yet, and yet lately I feel a disconnect between what I believe and what I feel. Lately, I don't want to go. I feel fidgety, restless and bored. I watch the clock. And I'm appalled by my own thoughts and behavior. If Jesus were sitting there in bodily (human) form, I certainly wouldn't act that way. I'd be prostrate on the floor. It shouldn't be any different when He is there in the form of the Holy Eucharist. So, why the disconnect? Why don't I have the proper awe or fear of the Lord that I should?

I do not want to treat the Lord casually or disrespectfully. Please pray for me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Notre Dame Scandal

The most aggressively pro-death president ever is scheduled to give the commencement speech at Notre Dame University according the the university's website. What's the problem you say? What's the big deal? How is it a scandal?

Here's the big deal: Notre Dame is supposedly a Catholic university. The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a grave evil and to participate in it, even indirectly is a mortal sin. By having the current President speak is implicit approval. The current President's agendas are in direct opposition to the Church and her teachings about the sanctity of life.

Scandal, according to the catechism is: any sinful word, deed or omission that disposes others to sin, or lessens their respect for God and holy religion. To give scandal is a serious moral sin. It doesn't just mean doing something shocking or outrageous.

Also, to me, it is supremely ironic that it is Notre Dame proposing this. Notre Dame means Our Lady. Our Lady, who said yes to God which could have meant her death by stoning according to jewish law. Our Lady, who carried the Deliverer of our sins.

Please, contact the university at the link below to sign the petition and let them know of the scandal and outrage they are committing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Falling Off The Wagon

I have not only fallen off the Lenten wagon, I must have rolled down a big hill because I can no longer even see the wagon! I'm not proud of it but I am not feeling guilty, either.

I had had two weeks of constant headaches and nausea. This is well after any caffeine addiction should have worn off. I tried every remedy possible. I can deal with headaches since I used to get migraines several times a month but I cannot, cannot deal with nausea. So, I drank a Coke, purely for medicinal purposes. It worked. I can't explain why. But, I have had others since.

I will get back on the wagon. I know that I missed an opportunity to offer up that suffering but I think that the Lord will know I did try. At least I hope it will count for something.

I hope your lenten promises are going well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost Perfect

My dear husband is almost perfect. He certainly is perfect for me. No, he doesn't say the romantic things that I dreamed my husband would say. Nor does he do overtly romantic things that my dream husband would do. But, he would wear cologne that he thinks smells like bug spray, just because I like it. And he will run to the store, just to get me something I am craving, or an ingredient I am missing, regardless of the weather or what he was in the middle of doing.

The only thing my husband isn't is irish. The poor man is german and polish. German and polish! When I told my Dad, with some fear and trepidation, that my fiance was not irish there was a
L O N G pause after which he said, "Well. I guess that's ok".

For the rest of you who are not fortunate enough to be irish:

May the good saints protect you
And bless you today
And may troubles ignore you
Each step of the way

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good one for Lent

From Mary, Day by Day:

Run to win. Everyone who competes for a prize abstains in every way. .. I chastise my body and train it lest after having preached to others, I myself shall become a castaway. 1 Cor 9:24-27

Reflection: Those who love Mary must silence within themselves the desires of the senses. They must also silence the disordered longings of the passions. St John Eudes

Prayer: O Mary, you well know all the temptations that exist in the world. Help me to curb my evil desires and practice self-discipline, so that I may safeguard my union with your Divine Son.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tantrum over

I'm over my lenten tantrum and back to my normal outlook, at least for now. Thank you Charlotte and Entropy for the good advice. I appreciate it and any prayers you sent my way.

For me, I think it would be worse to let lent go by without trying to do something. We're supposed to persevere in the face of difficulty and I worry that if I let go I'd really slide far, far away. First it would be not doing anything for lent and then before I know it I wouldn't want to go to Mass. That's at least how bad I was feeling.

So, no Coke still and my husband and I are doing yoga three times a week together. I bought a dvd for beginners. If you cut through all the mystical filler they put in, it is ok. It is basically stretching, breathing, relaxing your body and focusing on different areas of your body all at the same time. The best thing about the dvd is that if we need to quit five minutes into it, who is to know?

I hope you are having a beneficial lenten season!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I. Don't. WANNA!

Somehow I have regressed to being a snotty, rebellious three year old kid who doesn't want to do what is good for her. I've been whining and mentally stamping my foot with each word: I (stamp) Don't (stamp) Wanna! (stomp, stomp, stomp). In my book a stomp is a bigger and more obnoxious sound than a stamp.

I am having serious trouble with lent this year. I feel angry and rebellious. I don't want to give up anything. I've contemplated doing nothing. I have never in my life done nothing for lent. I've rationalized, is there any merit to it if I just go through the motions? I don't want to give up Coke. It is the real thing, you know. But it isn't really. Christ is the Real Thing. Do I really want to face Him and say, "yeah, You weren't worth giving up pop for forty day, nevermind the sacrifices and suffering you endured for me".

While my brain seems to get the point of lent the irrational part has staged a coup and refuses to cooperate. I haven't broken down yet. My poor guardian angel must be working overtime.

Please offer a couple prayers that I get over it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shame on YOU, Mr Penn

Dear Mr Penn ( and all the other commie-homo-loving suns of guns),

Do you remember the story The Emperor Has No Clothes? No, I am not talking about Obama; he is the president, not the emperor. The tailor convinces the naked emperor that he is wearing a fabulous outfit. All the courtiers, afraid of offending the emperor, also agree that the outfit is fabulous. They outdo each other in their compliments. The emperor parades around town convinced he is wearing sumptuous garb, when in fact, he is naked. This continues until a little boy persists in saying, "The emperor has no clothes!" The courtiers, the well-education, smug advisors shush the ignorant little boy. They know best! They know and will enlighten others! Yet the boy persists in telling the unpopular truth.

Why do I relate the story, Mr Penn? You are the tailor and the advisors, the homosexual agenda is the emperor and those who continue to say that active homosexuality is morally wrong are the little boy. You expound on tolerance, insist that gays have the 'right' to marry. You are sewing a batch of lies and making what is perverted, normal.

There is no shame in telling the truth. Personally, I'm not worried what my grandchildren will think when they look at me. If they are raised right, they will know right from wrong and what is moral from immoral. I'm more concerned with what the Lord will say to me at my judgement if I don't speak the truth. The shame is yours, Mr Penn, for such lies. I do agree with you on one thing. Everyone should be treated respectfully. Everyone.



PS: I think it was quite shabby of you not to have included your wife in your acceptance speech.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mary, Day by Day

You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not overcome it. Mt 16:18

Peter was entrusted with the Church, the Mother of human beings, but John was entrusted with Mary, the Mother of God. John loved her like his own mother and was loved by her as her own son. St Peter Damien

O Mary, you are the Mother of the Church as well as the Mother of God. Keep me close to you so that I may be a true child of God and a faithful member of His Holy Church.

~~ From the book Mary, Day by Day

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Small Incomplete List of Things That Annoy Me

1. When people put an 'h' in words like string or strong. It is not pronounced Shtring. It makes you sounds Shtupid!

2. The misuse of borrow and lend. I will borrow something from you and you will lend it to me.

3. The misuse of scent and flavor. Are you going to eat that candle?

4. "No problem" or "Uh-huh" or "yeah" in response to being thanked. The appropriate response is 'you're welcome!'.

5. Public grooming. I do not want to see you floss your teeth, pluck your eyebrows or clip your nails. You need to go home, in your bathroom and do it there. Understandably, if you are at work and the broccoli you ate is now decorating your front teeth, you can floss in the restroom - NOT at your DESK.

6. Tuneless humming. While it might sound good in your head, it is not quite as delightful to the rest of us.

7. Paris Hilton. Why is she famous?
She looks like an afghan dog.

8. White people who try to sound 'homie'. Or dress like a 'homie'. Yo! You look shtupid!

9. Boys who wear their pants so low their undies are on display. When I see this, I want to yank their pants down to their ankles. It is unlikely they would be able to chase me after said yanking.
10. People who hate entire groups of based on color, religion, political belief...

11. Parents who don't clean up after their kids or teach their kids to clean up. Ditto for dog owners who walk their dogs for the express purpose of dog pooping in someone else's yard. As delightful as your dog is, his poop is not my delight. Pick it up or keep it in your own yard.

12. Celebutards who support or respect the president only when they agree with him.

13. The continual ads on Facebook about weight loss, diets, botox, wrinkles..etc. I don't care how old Jennifer Aniston is or how young she looks. We should all have a fleet of chefs, a personal trainers, make up and hair people.

14. People with bumper stickers that implore 'Save the Whales' and demand 'Keep Abortion Legal!'

15. Comedians who use profanity and vulgarity to hide the fact that they are not funny.

16. Men who don't open doors for women. Yes, I know. There are probably tons of women who hate when men open doors, those chivalrous few, but this is my blog, not theirs.

17. Mascara ads that show models with thick, full lashes, failing to mention that said lashes are augmented with falsies.

18. A society which thinks that Jessica Simpson is fat! The girl has an honest to goodness female body. She looks healthy, not emaciated or androgynous. The wardrobe choice, is another topic altogether.

19. That people feel entitled to know every detail about well known people. I think it is shameful and disrespectful that pictures of Rhianna taken after she was assaulted have been published. It is bad enough she was treated that way but to add insult to injury, literally, by publishing those pictures is beyond belief.

20. That the media no longer presents information impartially. They are there to report, not spin or push an agenda.

21. People who claim to be ardent Catholics or any type of Catholic but support things that are clearly in serious defiance of church teaching. Also those who try to pervert or subvert the church. Why don't they just create their own church instead of tearing down the one true Church?

Monday, February 16, 2009

How's this for a non-threatening learning atmosphere?

Student Sues L.A. College Over Right to Give Anti-Gay Marriage Speech
Monday, February 16, 2009
LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles college student is suing his school, saying he was deprived of his right to freedom of speech. Jonathan Lopez says a public speaking professor berated him in class for making a speech opposing same-sex marriage. He says the professor wouldn't allow him to finish and called him a "fascist."

Lopez is represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal organization. In a letter to the group, the dean says she considers the complaint "extremely serious in nature" and has begun a disciplinary investigation.

But the dean also wrote that two students were "deeply offended" by the speech. She quoted one as saying "this student should have to pay some price for preaching hate in the classroom."
Lopez made the speech at Los Angeles City College in November, days after the passage of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California.

Apparently this is the College of 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do'. Preaching hate, huh? What is this college teaching other than its own agenda? It is certainly not teaching students to think and speak for themselves. The dean's comments are troubling. I think 'extremely serious in nature' is her response to the fact that the kid dared stand up and speak the truth. Let's be honest, that investigation is going to go no where. The education system has churned out enough blank-minded little robots so that one who hasn't been programmed correctly speaks out they are horrified. This is scary!!! Pretty soon it will be a hate crime to say anything.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mary, Day by Day

Let all who fly to you for refuge rejoice and exult forever. Watch over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. - Ps 5:12

Reflection: Place your trust in Mary and go to her in your sorrows. She will strengthen your will, heal the wounds of your soul and give you new courage. Venerable Francis Libermann

Prayer: O Mary, I place all my trust in you. Stay with me always, despite my weaknesses and all kinds of difficulties. Renew my flagging courage and never forsake me.

~~~ Taken from Mary, Day by Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Will It Take?

Some fathead is ranting how everyone should stop having children for five years in order to save the planet. Seriously. I am amazed he hasn't suggested that the old, handicapped and ill line up for extermination in order to save the planet. Here's my suggestion for him: You first, and all your fathead family with you. I don't really mean that but I'm angry. I am amazed at the abject selfishness of the fathead and those like him who blather about such things as they drink their staryucks coffee in paper cups while driving down the street in the latest Hummer with the AC blasting. Hope he finds that paper cup comforting and supportive of him in his old age. I'm sure if he managed to have a child that poor thing will chuck him into a nursing home at the earliest possible date, or maybe, sign him up for Dr Kevorkian's program. All for the sake of the planet, of course.

What will it take, what horror will have to occur in this country before life is regarded as precious? Read this amazing story of midwife in Auschwitz who stood up to the monsters, including Mengele.

Instead, women are being told lies about their babies and then suffer for years afterward as a result of their abortions. This courageous woman was one such who was told lies but now boldly tells her story so that some other young, frightened woman will not suffer as she did. Carla also has a blog.. stop by and take a look. I am amazed at the courage and strength women have who speak up about their abortions.

Both the fathead and the courageous women who speak out about their abortions need prayers. The fathead so he wakes up to see that all human life, even his, is a gift; and the women that they heal and continue to convert hearts by their stories.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The 70's & 80's

Charlotte got me thinking about my favorite things and memories through out the years.....

~ My Dressy Bessy doll
~ Barbie camper
~ my Dawn doll
~ candy necklaces
~ banana and rootbeer popsicles
~thongs ( or as they are called now flip-flops)
~ Bonny Bell lip smackers
~ Love's Baby Soft perfume (and the ads)
~ Esprit de Corp clothes and bags
~ Members Only jackets - not that I had one
~ Powder jackets
~Purses with wooden handles and covers that could be switched.
~ Ruffle shirts with big sleeves
~ Shoulder pads!
~ Le Sport Sac bags
~ 45's: Devo Whip it!, Hall & Oates, Billy Squire...
~ Rick Springfield
~ The Highland Theatre used to be $1....
~ Top Gun, Purple Rain (would have been grounded for life if I had been caught seeing this), Risky Business (got grounded for that one), ET, Princess Bride....
~ Nikes (with the red swoosh)
~ Henleys.. I had a few but the pink one was my fav
~ mixers (a dance between two non-co-ed schools)
~ State Fair
~ Jelly shoes - why were those cute again?
~ Happy perfume - now gives me a headache
~ Most Precious perfume - not made anymore...
What fun things do you remember from growing up?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minnesota 2007 Abortion Statistics

According to the Minnesota Department of Health:

13,843 abortions were performed - on average 38 per day
28% were funded by you, the taxpayer
28% were done by PP (the evil empire), more than any other provider

Abortion as birth control:
41% of the women reported having at least one previous abortion
1,049 of the women reported having had three or more previous abortions
32 of the women reported having had nine or more previous abortions.

37% - economic reasons
74% - doesn't want children at this time
less than 1% due to rape or incest

Between 1973 and 2007 the number of babies aborted in Minnesota: 530,314

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Shack

If you were on a journey and needed a place to spend the night and came upon a desolate dilapidated shack, your instincts would warn you, "unsafe, uncomfortable, unclean, structurally unsound" and you would pass by.

What is reading a book, if not a journey? We travel on the storyteller's flying carpet through the lands of his imagination. The Shack by William Young is that dilapidated shack. Viewing it, you can see the possibilities but mostly, it is full of holes, unsafe and uncomfortable. It is full of disdain for organized religion and for 'rituals' such as the Eucharist.

It had some potential. There was a scene where the main character is asked to pick which of his children are going to hell. He begs, he pleads, he offers himself instead because he does not want his children going to hell. This would have been an excellent place to talk of God's divine mercy but all that is said is just as the main character does not want his children to go to hell, neither does God want any of His children going to hell.

I think this book will appeal most to those who want a new-agey, feel-good, everyone is going to heaven type of faith; especially those who don't want to be told what to do by some guy in Rome wearing a funky hat, for dissenters and the uncatechized.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I received this very kind award from Monica.

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

My recipients is....

The Mom

Respect your elders

My Dad is 82, gonna be 83 this year. He's a remarkable man in many ways. He tools around the internet like nobody's business. He reads papers from all over the world, sometimes he works on it in the original language. He reads, he watches TV. He's an active man, for the most part.

Dad's been having memory issues lately, which he acknowledges, and which he says, can undermine one's confidence. Memory issues at his age are understandable. As Dad's sharp in every other way, it is not a huge worry.

The worry is this: he thinks some of his children are coming into his house and taking things. And then, they bring the things back. One such item to make a trip are the moldy old encyclopedias that are so out of date that 98% of the countries in those books no longer exist. He also thinks his drawers are being rearranged. He cannot see that this is highly unlikely. Only one of us has a key to my Dad's house. My Dad has some reason to feel as he does. My sister came sometime after my mom died and rummaged through my Dad's house for something as he sat there. I truly believe that sister is some sort of crazy, because, who could do that? It was after that episode that my Dad changed his locks.

Here is my dilemma: my sister Magnificent wants to find out the name of my Dad's doctor and contact him with concerns that my Dad has dementia and to see if he can be tested and if there is medication for it. I tried to talk to Dad last night and tell him my (our) concerns and ask if he wouldn't mention it to his doctor. He won't. He absolutely won't. First, because he thinks people are really coming in rearranging things and taking stuff, and secondly, he would never admit to someone that his kids are creeps, and cruel to boot.

Is it wrong to take information Dad might give me, in trust, to violate that trust and go behind his back, even if it is for a good reason? He would never tell me a thing if he thought that was what I was trying to do with it. Nor would he ever forgive me. Or is it right to take care of something for him, especially because he can't see something is wrong? No amount of talking or logic is going to change his mind.

It says in the bible to respect your father, even if his mind fail. So, in this case, is it respect to ignore his wishes and do what's 'best' for him or is it respect to do as he wants?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The kindness of strangers

I am a pretty private, introverted person. I usually don't reveal things, especially if to reveal it would cause another hurt or worry. But in my joy with being pregnant, I told everyone I know, to share the joy but mostly for prayers. I would have done TV spots or billboards, had there been time. I put a request into our parish prayer chain first for a healthy pregnancy and baby and then again for miscarriage.

A very generous lady who is on the prayer chain and also has an adoration hour called me this morning to tell me that lots of people are praying for me and to hang in there. She said that this baby is in heaven, and what better place to be? I agreed, saying that it is a parent's goal to see their child in heaven. She said that she prays to Our Lady asking her to wrap her arms around her daughters and that she would offer the same prayer for me. I don't know this lady, wouldn't know her if I passed her on the street yet she took the time to call me with her prayers and condolences. I am amazed and humbled at so generous and courageous an act. I would not have done that. I don't feel I am a very comforting person and never know what to say to someone who is sorrowing.

I was thinking about Blessed Mother Teresa this morning and how she said do small things with great love. I think this lady's phone call was just that... a blessing and a gift to me.

"I was ill and you comforted me..."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mary Aibhlinn, little one

Mary Aibhlinn,
I wonder what you look like.. would you have had blond hair like your dad, brown hair like your big sister or red hair from your Grammy? I won't see your face on earth or hold you in my arms but I know that you are snuggled close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, or in the arms of Our Lady.

Aibhlinn (ave-leen) means longed-for or wished-for child. Nothing could suit you more. Please pray for your family who remain on earth that we accept the will of the Lord and intercede for us so that we may one day get to Heaven and see you face to face.

Love you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Carrying the Cross

What does it mean to carry the cross? I don't have much experience with this, because my life has been pretty easy. I've had disappointments and difficulties, sure, but never anything serious. I think that during a suffering, we're called to pick up the cross, accept the suffering and submit it to God. Over all, I think we must trust in Christ and His love for us. He knows what is truly best. It is praying, will all sincerity, Thy will be done.

I am going to cry while I carry this cross of having miscarried my baby, at least for a little while. I'm sad but I believe my child is in Heaven, safe in the arms of the Lord, Who created her and to Whom she belongs. Isn't that the desire of any parent - that her child go to Heaven? I have hope that I will one day see her, if I make it to heaven myself. So, I accept, I'm happy and I'm sad, all at once.

Jesus, I trust in You!
This miscarriage makes me think about the sufferings of Our Lady, (and makes mine pale in comparison). She had to watch her Holy and innocent Son being beaten, mocked, spat upon by strangers , and abandoned by His friends. She stood at the foot of the cross watching the nails being driven into His holy hands and feet. All for the sake of our sins, our souls and our salvation. How did she endure it? I could not watch that being done to a stranger, no less my child. How strong is our Lady! Army boots, indeed.

Did you know that hormonally you can have miscarried but may have to wait for your body to catch up? I didn't. I thought it was an all-at-once thing. I hate waiting.

Ok.... and another thing: I think that at my age of 41, almost 42 I should be exempt from getting zits, regardless of the hormones running amok in my system. I never had this many zits at one time in my life when I was a teenager, I think it highly unreasonable I should have them now. That's going to be my miscarriage whining.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Under Attack!

Wow, I really feel under attack by the devil lately. I have been having horrible dreams that seem to be attacking my relationship with my husband, particularly his feelings for me. I have also had terrible dreams about my health and this baby.

My husband said I should be happy I am considered worthy of attack, but, quite frankly, I'd rather fly under the radar where the devil is concerned. I am no St Faustina or St John Vanny!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tidings of great joy!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm having a baby! We really need prayers though, because the risk of miscarriage is very high, truly very likely. We are going full tilt with complete joy until we have reason to be otherwise.

We know that this baby belongs first to God and we are so happy He is choosing to create this soul through us. Even though we may never see this baby's face on earth, we will see him someday in heaven.

the giver of life
we praise You and
glorify Your generosity
in the gift of this child
We ask You to strengthen us
as parents to do and accept
Your will for us and for this baby.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Watch your thoughts

God often seeks to give me a poke when I need to straighten out something in my life. These pokes may come during the gospel reading or homily but most often they are a random thing that I see or read and they always seem to appear when I am struggling with something.

There's a sign at the end of a road near our house that belongs to some sort of christian church that He favors. Not too long ago, the sign said "Watch your thoughts, they become words". Timely, since I have been struggling not to use the word holy in every day speech... holy crap, holy moses, or a favorite of my Dad's: holy lip! I never realized how often I say those things. Using the word holy in these instances are making the word holy ordinary and it loses the power and respect that I should have for holy things.

The other thing I am working on is keeping snotty or critical comments, particularly about my husband, to myself. He's probably tell you that I have not had great success. Well, I'm working on it but, boy, do they fly past my lips with such speed and ease.

The next time I saw that sign, it said, "Watch your words, they become actions" and then, "Watch your actions, they become habits". How easy and quick it is to fall. It sneaks up and before it, it is a habit that takes a month, or so, to break.

I'm struggling to create a good habit. I have a particular coworker (not a favorite) who frequently takes Jesus' name in vain. I want to develop the habit to make a small reparation each time she abuses His name. Have I become hardened to the point of not hearing it? Have I become so accustomed - and by that accepting- of this abuse? How sad when it takes no time at all to create a bad habit but I struggle to create a good one.