Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking it too far

There's a Facebook poll which asks "Should same sex marriage be legalized?" I have friends who have voted either way. After voting yes, one acquaintance put up a status saying,

"Relationships will always be a personal process; and to have one or a group of people express their views that love is only a bond by the opposite sex has limited themselves spiritually. Because the hatred overshadows humanity, and the purity of God's love."

I think this is an extreme, if typical, reaction by those who support same sex marriage. How does hatred enter the equation to a simple yes or no question? No commentary, either for or against is given on this question by the respondents. Simple disagreement with an opposing view is now hatred? Making such a statement is equivalent of doing an amputation for a finger with a sliver in it!

Being spiritually limited? That piece made me laugh a little as well as gag. If one has a desire to do something or for something does not make it moral, licit or natural. One's desire does not make it a right that one is being denied. With this weak argument much could be made in a case for bestiality or pedophilia. Practictioners of those perversions probably find them fabulous as well. Why should those bonds of 'love' be denied?

Finally, God's opinion is quite clear in the bible regarding homosexuality. He's not for it. God loves each and every one of us. Each and every one. God's love is not restricted or limited, due to His unfathomable mercy. That does not mean that He necessarily loves our actions or our sins. We can choose to end our friendship with God by our actions and our sins. We do not have the right to demand anything of God much less "Love me, love my sins". Far better for all of us to ask ourselves, Which do I love more: God or my sins?

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for those who have recourse to thee!

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Rosemary Bogdan said...

We have to stop allowing them to equate love with sexual expression. The issue is not about love. We are all free to love whomever we want. Same-sex "marriage" is about establishing moral legitimacy to sexual expression between members of the same sex by granting it legal status equivalent to marriage. It's about forcing people to accept their behavior as legitimate, in my opinion.