Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Will It Take?

Some fathead is ranting how everyone should stop having children for five years in order to save the planet. Seriously. I am amazed he hasn't suggested that the old, handicapped and ill line up for extermination in order to save the planet. Here's my suggestion for him: You first, and all your fathead family with you. I don't really mean that but I'm angry. I am amazed at the abject selfishness of the fathead and those like him who blather about such things as they drink their staryucks coffee in paper cups while driving down the street in the latest Hummer with the AC blasting. Hope he finds that paper cup comforting and supportive of him in his old age. I'm sure if he managed to have a child that poor thing will chuck him into a nursing home at the earliest possible date, or maybe, sign him up for Dr Kevorkian's program. All for the sake of the planet, of course.

What will it take, what horror will have to occur in this country before life is regarded as precious? Read this amazing story of midwife in Auschwitz who stood up to the monsters, including Mengele.

Instead, women are being told lies about their babies and then suffer for years afterward as a result of their abortions. This courageous woman was one such who was told lies but now boldly tells her story so that some other young, frightened woman will not suffer as she did. Carla also has a blog.. stop by and take a look. I am amazed at the courage and strength women have who speak up about their abortions.

Both the fathead and the courageous women who speak out about their abortions need prayers. The fathead so he wakes up to see that all human life, even his, is a gift; and the women that they heal and continue to convert hearts by their stories.

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