Monday, February 9, 2009

The 70's & 80's

Charlotte got me thinking about my favorite things and memories through out the years.....

~ My Dressy Bessy doll
~ Barbie camper
~ my Dawn doll
~ candy necklaces
~ banana and rootbeer popsicles
~thongs ( or as they are called now flip-flops)
~ Bonny Bell lip smackers
~ Love's Baby Soft perfume (and the ads)
~ Esprit de Corp clothes and bags
~ Members Only jackets - not that I had one
~ Powder jackets
~Purses with wooden handles and covers that could be switched.
~ Ruffle shirts with big sleeves
~ Shoulder pads!
~ Le Sport Sac bags
~ 45's: Devo Whip it!, Hall & Oates, Billy Squire...
~ Rick Springfield
~ The Highland Theatre used to be $1....
~ Top Gun, Purple Rain (would have been grounded for life if I had been caught seeing this), Risky Business (got grounded for that one), ET, Princess Bride....
~ Nikes (with the red swoosh)
~ Henleys.. I had a few but the pink one was my fav
~ mixers (a dance between two non-co-ed schools)
~ State Fair
~ Jelly shoes - why were those cute again?
~ Happy perfume - now gives me a headache
~ Most Precious perfume - not made anymore...
What fun things do you remember from growing up?


Anonymous said...

Stretch Armstrong
Our Gang
Gilligans Island
.....drawing a blank

Mairin :o) said...

I forgot all about Stretch Armstrong!

Mairin :o) said...
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