Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The kindness of strangers

I am a pretty private, introverted person. I usually don't reveal things, especially if to reveal it would cause another hurt or worry. But in my joy with being pregnant, I told everyone I know, to share the joy but mostly for prayers. I would have done TV spots or billboards, had there been time. I put a request into our parish prayer chain first for a healthy pregnancy and baby and then again for miscarriage.

A very generous lady who is on the prayer chain and also has an adoration hour called me this morning to tell me that lots of people are praying for me and to hang in there. She said that this baby is in heaven, and what better place to be? I agreed, saying that it is a parent's goal to see their child in heaven. She said that she prays to Our Lady asking her to wrap her arms around her daughters and that she would offer the same prayer for me. I don't know this lady, wouldn't know her if I passed her on the street yet she took the time to call me with her prayers and condolences. I am amazed and humbled at so generous and courageous an act. I would not have done that. I don't feel I am a very comforting person and never know what to say to someone who is sorrowing.

I was thinking about Blessed Mother Teresa this morning and how she said do small things with great love. I think this lady's phone call was just that... a blessing and a gift to me.

"I was ill and you comforted me..."

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Cathy_of_Alex said...

Mairin: I just heard. Prayers and a virtual hug coming your way.