Friday, December 11, 2009

Dissenting Nun is in Desperate Need of Prayers

Sister Quinn, an ardent supporter of abortion and all things non-Catholic, heretically says that the Blessed Mother was one of the first women in the New Testament to express choice. This train of thought is beyond shocking.

Please pray for this woman who has strayed so far from the faith and has created her own where she says, "Faithful and respectful dissent is vital to the life of the church. It enables the church community to think, to deliberate, to debate and to grow in relationship to one another and in relationship to God. We cannot afford to let our dissenters be silenced. They are a gift to our church."

Distorting church teaching is not a gift, it is destruction and evil. Portraying the Mother of God as a proponent of abortion is incomprehensible. Abortion, at the root, is about selfishness and ease of life. Mary, in her fiat, accepted all the difficulties and hardships that being the Mother of God would create. She in no way had an easy life. She received incomprehensible joy, being so close to Jesus but also had unbearable agony as well. Where in her life does she take a selfish, easy path? Mary is the antithesis of abortion.

O Mary, conceived without sin, intercede for Sister Quinn. Ask the Holy Spirit to engulf her heart with the truth and a true love of your Son. Pray for us sinners.
At the bottom of the lifenews article there is contact information for Sister Quinn's Prioress. Please contact the Prioress regarding Sister Quinn's actions and ask her to lovingly correct the errant nun. I did.

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