Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kudos to Archbishop Nienstedt

Kudos to Archbishop Nienstedt regarding his reply to the Rainbow Sash Alliance regarding Pentecost Sunday. RAS is a group for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual catholics (?) and their allies. Allies? Are we at war? Apparently so or at the very least under attack.

What a difficult position to be in! As the Shepard of this archdiocese, he must love the sinner but hate the sin; instruct the ignorant and counsel the sinner. He does so beautifully and lovingly.

I am overjoyed that there are courageous, faithful bishops and archbishops who are willing to do this. Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, I hope you're next for your position on abortion.

Via Father Zuhlsdorf is Archbishop Nienstedt's reply to the Rainbow Sash Alliance regarding their intended (and past) behavior during the Pentecost Mass. He firmly but gently says, No, those wearing sashes will not be allowed to receive the Eucharist.

These disruptive, disrespectful and disordered souls feel the need every Pentecost to don their sashes to parade their sins through the church and demand to receive the Eucharist. According to Brian McNeill, the organizer of the Rainbow Sash Alliance, they attend in such a fashion on Pentecost Sunday to "celebrate who we are". Go celebrate who you are in Loring Park.

The Mass is not a celebration of you, me or anyone other than Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Yes, our sins, yours, mine and everyone else's. None of us are to receive the Eucharist if we are not in a state of grace otherwise, we 'eat and drink condemnation unto ourselves'. (1 Cor. 11:23-29) We're supposed to be sorry for our sins, not symbolize them with a sash, which shows pride, arrogance and ignorance.

The Rainbow Sash people want to 'dialogue' with the Church, where dialogue means alter the Church to suit their desires, disordered and otherwise. People, there's a reason that the Church has not changed in 2000 years. It is because it upholds the truth. Truth doesn't change.

Please pray for Brian McNeill and his misguided group.

"Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen"

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Look at Rainbow Sash Alliance

emphasis and commentary are mine.
This is what the Rainbow Sash Alliance is about:

In wearing the Rainbow Sash we proclaim that we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who embrace and celebrate our sexuality as a sacred gift. There's the first problem! In order to receive the Eucharist, one must be in a state of grace. An active homosexual is not in a state of grace. Also, to be Catholic, one must be faithful to the teachings of the Church. There's no picking and choosing. There's no changing what you don't like to suit yourself.

In wearing the Rainbow Sash we call the Roman Catholic Church:

  • to honor our wisdom and experience; (Let's see: Catholic Church 2000 years, RAS 11 years, who has the wisdom and experience?)

  • to enter into public dialogue with us; (This should really read: change to suit our disordered demands. Give us the validation that we crave. Tell us that what we are doing is acceptable, normal and morally right).

  • to work with us for justice and understanding.

Together, let us seek a new appreciation of human sexuality in all of its diversity and beauty. Don't tell us no. Don't tell us we are wrong. There's no such thing as sin. Where is your tolerance? Don't spread your hate (truth). Don't tell us what we don't want to hear.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Measure of a Man and a Thank You to Those Who Serve

Gates Hails Soldier Snapped in Pink Boxer Shorts - Afghanistan | Map | War -

What is the measure of a man? Courage, honesty, loyalty, bravery, commitment, valuing the good of others over the good of oneself. These measures are missing in a good many men today. The soldier who didn't finish getting dress, garbed only in a red t-shirt, flip-flops and pink boxers, to go fight an attack on his unit has these measures in spades. He didn't think of himself first, he got his pink boxer covered ass out to fight and defend his unit. This soldier is nineteen years old. He and so many others like him deserve our thanks, our gratitude and our support.

This weekend is not just the start of summer. It is not just a long weekend. Monday's specific purpose is to honor men like Zachary Boyd of Fort Worth Texas. Men who have served this country, given their blood and some their lives to keep the United States free and protected; to fight against grave evil as in WWII. Men and women who put themselves in harm's way so that we can live out of harm's way. Their families, who live without their loved ones for long periods of time; parents who know and fear the risks that their selfless children take to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq and other areas of the world.

Thank you, Mr and Mrs Boyd, what an outstanding young man you have raised. Thanks Dad, for fighting in WWII. Thanks June Cleaver for the sacrifice you and your family make each day while your husband serves. Thank you to the countless others who have served this nation and their families.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mary, Day by Day

Can a woman forget her infant, be without mercy for the child in her womb? And if she forget, I shall never forget you. ~ Isa 49:15

Reflection: The Blessed Virgin Mary is like a mother who has many children. She is always busy going from one to the other! ~ St John Vianney

Prayer: O Mary, you are more devoted to the salvation of your children than any earthly mother can be. I thank you for your loving concern for me, which will only rest when I am in heaven with you.

Taken from Mary, Day by Day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I remember Momma

This time of year is very hard for me. My mom died almost 20 years ago. Her wake was on Mother's Day so the two events are inextricably linked in my mind. Some years are harder than others. This year seems to be especially hard.

My mom was not an emotional, touchy-feely mom, free with hugs and kisses. She rarely, if ever, said "I love you". She certainly never said she was proud of me. She showed her love by doing things for us. I never understood for many years that when she made home-made bread, she was saying "I love you".

We were not on good terms when she died so with her died the possibility of reconciliation, forgiveness and to know for certain she loved me or at least liked me. She never forgave me for getting pregnant at an unwed nineteen. When I was pregnant, she was embarrassed and ashamed to be seen with me. She wouldn't go to church with me.

There are many things that I learned from my mom, good and bad, that I have adopted as a mother myself. I've tried to make holidays and birthdays special. I always decorated the house on holidays. But I've been free with my hugs and kisses. My daughter knows down to the marrow of her bones that I love her and am proud of her and consider her the best gift from God. She also knows to never leave someone with angry words or hurt feelings because you never know if that is the last time you will see her.

I've been wondering a lot this year what it would be like if my mom were still alive. I have been praying that she has finally forgiven me. I've been praying for her soul. I've been trying to remember the good things and forget and forgive the bad. I also wish her intercession so that I will be a good mother and change the things I need to change.

For anyone who still has their mother, please, appreciate that you still have her with you. Forgive her if she's hurt you and pray for her.

Happy Mother's day to you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Poke from God

I don't know what people mean when they say God talks to them. Do they hear voices? Do they have conversations? What does that mean? God doesn't talk to me. Never has. I think what He does do is give me a poke and sometimes a whap upside the head. No, I don't mean that all of a sudden my head flies sideways or that I jump and squeal as if Someone physically poked me.

There's a church of some denomination near us that has a sign upon which they put various bible verses. God often uses that to give me a 'straighten up' poke, a 'work on this' poke. Other pokes come from things I read or hear.

Very, very often, on my blog that I accidentally deleted, I wrote about my struggle with forgiveness, giving and receiving. During the last four years or so, God was poking me constantly about forgiveness. Sunday's readings, the church's bible verse signs.. poke, poke, whap! During this last year, I've had a huge conversion of heart and am learning to forgive. When you read the word huge you should hear a radio announcer's deep voice that sort of thunders. That's how dramatic it has been. Due only to the grace and mercy of God because, left to my own devices, it never would have happened. Thanks be to God for His kindness!

Yesterday, I had quite the little catty gabfest with a coworker. I should have eaten meow mix and cream. Gossip is a sin. Yesterday, during Adoration. St Teresa of Avila says in her Collected Works, volume one:

"But let us strive always to look at the virtues and good deeds we see in others and cover their defects with the thought of our own great sins. This is a manner of acting that, although we cannot do so with perfection right away, gradually gains for us a great virtue, that is: considering all others better than ourselves. In this way with the help of God one begins to acquire this virtue, for it is necessary in all things; and when it is lacking, all our efforts are useless."

How about that for a poke? Humility, poke! Pride, whap! Kindness, poke! Charity, whap! whap!whap! I need, very obviously to mind my own business and not someone else's.

Lord Jesus, have pity on me, a sinner.