Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Poke from God

I don't know what people mean when they say God talks to them. Do they hear voices? Do they have conversations? What does that mean? God doesn't talk to me. Never has. I think what He does do is give me a poke and sometimes a whap upside the head. No, I don't mean that all of a sudden my head flies sideways or that I jump and squeal as if Someone physically poked me.

There's a church of some denomination near us that has a sign upon which they put various bible verses. God often uses that to give me a 'straighten up' poke, a 'work on this' poke. Other pokes come from things I read or hear.

Very, very often, on my blog that I accidentally deleted, I wrote about my struggle with forgiveness, giving and receiving. During the last four years or so, God was poking me constantly about forgiveness. Sunday's readings, the church's bible verse signs.. poke, poke, whap! During this last year, I've had a huge conversion of heart and am learning to forgive. When you read the word huge you should hear a radio announcer's deep voice that sort of thunders. That's how dramatic it has been. Due only to the grace and mercy of God because, left to my own devices, it never would have happened. Thanks be to God for His kindness!

Yesterday, I had quite the little catty gabfest with a coworker. I should have eaten meow mix and cream. Gossip is a sin. Yesterday, during Adoration. St Teresa of Avila says in her Collected Works, volume one:

"But let us strive always to look at the virtues and good deeds we see in others and cover their defects with the thought of our own great sins. This is a manner of acting that, although we cannot do so with perfection right away, gradually gains for us a great virtue, that is: considering all others better than ourselves. In this way with the help of God one begins to acquire this virtue, for it is necessary in all things; and when it is lacking, all our efforts are useless."

How about that for a poke? Humility, poke! Pride, whap! Kindness, poke! Charity, whap! whap!whap! I need, very obviously to mind my own business and not someone else's.

Lord Jesus, have pity on me, a sinner.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

"meow mix and cream" yeah, that's part of my diet too. *sigh*

Mary333 said...

The meow mix and cream comment left me howling with laughter.Yes, gossip is a sin and yes, I have been guilty of this too. Hmm...maybe you should save me a bowl.