Saturday, June 12, 2010

Idolatry and the Catholic Church

Do you have pictures of family or friends in your house? Most people do. Most people love those in the photographs and are happy to see the pictures and think of the person it portrays. Is the photo the person? No. It is a likeness of the person. Is it idolatry to have a picture of that person? No. Similarly, we often admire our father or mother or some other relative for how they lived their lives. Is that idolatry? No.

What is Idolatry? According to merriam webster, it is the worship of a physical object as a god. Many people have the misconception that the Catholic Church, with all her statues and whatnot, is full of idolatry.

Catholics do not worship statues, nor do we worship Mary. Worship is for God alone. Catholics often choose saints with whom we can identify or whom we admire. Statues, scapulars, prayer cards remind us of those we love, just like the photo of our relatives and friends. They remind us to pray. They remind us of others who have struggled through life, or acted with great courage and love of Christ and attained sainthood. They point always to Christ. It is through Christ alone they received the graces to act courageously or love greatly. It is their trust in Christ that inspires us.

Catholics worship God alone.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for those who hate the Catholic Church. Pray for us sinners and those who have recourse to thee.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Attacking the Church

Foxnews had an article about a certain singer's latest video which is rife with Catholic images used in an unholy, irreverent and mocking way. News flash Steph, Madonna's already been there, done that. Amazingly, the article asks why it is only Christianity and usually Catholicism, that is the target. Why not Islam? Why not Buddhism? Why not any other religion? We already know the answer to that, don't we?

What is shocking to me is the hatred and ignorance expressed by some of those who commented on the article. One particular person was gleeful at anything that mocked the 'idolatry' of a such 'moneymaking organization'.

What other religion has stood fast for over 2000 years to the same teachings? What other religion teaches the truth regarding abortion, birth control and homosexual activity? People do not like to be told no. People do not like to be told what they are doing is sinful. That is why the Church is hated, as Jesus was hated.

Finally, what other church or organization has done as much for the poor, education and health care? It is the Catholic Church who created orphanages, hospitals and schools.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Palin Biographer Whining

How dare Sarah Palin draw attention (in writing on her facebook account) to Joe McGinniss moving right next door to her! He isn't just a random citizen moving to Wasilla. He is writing a biography about Palin.

Really? He couldn't find anywhere else in Wasilla to move? Really? He needs to be right next door? Wasilla currently has approximately 140 apartment vacancies which would be at least half the cost of the $1500 a month rent he's paying to stalk the Palins. This is according to the Wasilla website.

The pouting proser is comparing the "hysterical" facebook post to Nazi tactics. Now people aren't saying nice things about him. Oh gee, that's really just too bad Joe. Maybe because you seem like a stalker? Could that possibly be why?

Palin is a political and therefore, public figure. Her family is not. Her family, her husband, especially her children should be off limits. This is a courtesy to all public figures, not just the ones supported by the media.

This writer has no business moving next door but why hasn't the media or anyone picked up on that simple fact? The hysteria and hatred against Sarah Palin is amazing. One opinionated soul accused Palin of wanting attention and asked why Palin isn't doing something about the oil spill! Excuse me? Shouldn't she be asked why Obama hasn't done anything about the spill?