Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Letter to the President

Mr President,

You appear to be confused as to what country it is exactly you have been elected, not crowned or divinely appointed, but elected to serve. This is the United States of America, not the Socialist States of America. By the way, there are 50 said states not 57 as it has been rumored you'd said during your campaign.

Here's how it works in the United States: you and the senate and house members are elected by the people of the United States. Basically, you work for us. We're telling you quite plainly that we do not want your socialist health care plan. Are you going to be subject to that same health plan? The same end of life counseling?

Also, for you to call on religious leaders to try to gain their support for this ridiculous program is quite bold. By the way, saying that you are partners with God in life and health was a big mistake. God alone is the Author of Life. Your views of what a viable, worthy life are well known. Your career has been built on your rabid support of abortion and infanticide. If you are partners with anyone, it is the devil. Murder and evil is much more his style as it is yours.

Finally, are your cronies really going to blame the failure to get support of your health plan on racial prejudice? I may wake up each morning asking my self how your election happened but it has nothing to do with your race. You could be orange like an oompa loompa and I would still think the same way. I wonder at the stupidity of the American people and I wonder if they ever bothered to listen to what you said during your campaign. It is your agenda people are opposing, not your color.