Monday, February 23, 2009

Shame on YOU, Mr Penn

Dear Mr Penn ( and all the other commie-homo-loving suns of guns),

Do you remember the story The Emperor Has No Clothes? No, I am not talking about Obama; he is the president, not the emperor. The tailor convinces the naked emperor that he is wearing a fabulous outfit. All the courtiers, afraid of offending the emperor, also agree that the outfit is fabulous. They outdo each other in their compliments. The emperor parades around town convinced he is wearing sumptuous garb, when in fact, he is naked. This continues until a little boy persists in saying, "The emperor has no clothes!" The courtiers, the well-education, smug advisors shush the ignorant little boy. They know best! They know and will enlighten others! Yet the boy persists in telling the unpopular truth.

Why do I relate the story, Mr Penn? You are the tailor and the advisors, the homosexual agenda is the emperor and those who continue to say that active homosexuality is morally wrong are the little boy. You expound on tolerance, insist that gays have the 'right' to marry. You are sewing a batch of lies and making what is perverted, normal.

There is no shame in telling the truth. Personally, I'm not worried what my grandchildren will think when they look at me. If they are raised right, they will know right from wrong and what is moral from immoral. I'm more concerned with what the Lord will say to me at my judgement if I don't speak the truth. The shame is yours, Mr Penn, for such lies. I do agree with you on one thing. Everyone should be treated respectfully. Everyone.



PS: I think it was quite shabby of you not to have included your wife in your acceptance speech.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mary, Day by Day

You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not overcome it. Mt 16:18

Peter was entrusted with the Church, the Mother of human beings, but John was entrusted with Mary, the Mother of God. John loved her like his own mother and was loved by her as her own son. St Peter Damien

O Mary, you are the Mother of the Church as well as the Mother of God. Keep me close to you so that I may be a true child of God and a faithful member of His Holy Church.

~~ From the book Mary, Day by Day

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Small Incomplete List of Things That Annoy Me

1. When people put an 'h' in words like string or strong. It is not pronounced Shtring. It makes you sounds Shtupid!

2. The misuse of borrow and lend. I will borrow something from you and you will lend it to me.

3. The misuse of scent and flavor. Are you going to eat that candle?

4. "No problem" or "Uh-huh" or "yeah" in response to being thanked. The appropriate response is 'you're welcome!'.

5. Public grooming. I do not want to see you floss your teeth, pluck your eyebrows or clip your nails. You need to go home, in your bathroom and do it there. Understandably, if you are at work and the broccoli you ate is now decorating your front teeth, you can floss in the restroom - NOT at your DESK.

6. Tuneless humming. While it might sound good in your head, it is not quite as delightful to the rest of us.

7. Paris Hilton. Why is she famous?
She looks like an afghan dog.

8. White people who try to sound 'homie'. Or dress like a 'homie'. Yo! You look shtupid!

9. Boys who wear their pants so low their undies are on display. When I see this, I want to yank their pants down to their ankles. It is unlikely they would be able to chase me after said yanking.
10. People who hate entire groups of based on color, religion, political belief...

11. Parents who don't clean up after their kids or teach their kids to clean up. Ditto for dog owners who walk their dogs for the express purpose of dog pooping in someone else's yard. As delightful as your dog is, his poop is not my delight. Pick it up or keep it in your own yard.

12. Celebutards who support or respect the president only when they agree with him.

13. The continual ads on Facebook about weight loss, diets, botox, wrinkles..etc. I don't care how old Jennifer Aniston is or how young she looks. We should all have a fleet of chefs, a personal trainers, make up and hair people.

14. People with bumper stickers that implore 'Save the Whales' and demand 'Keep Abortion Legal!'

15. Comedians who use profanity and vulgarity to hide the fact that they are not funny.

16. Men who don't open doors for women. Yes, I know. There are probably tons of women who hate when men open doors, those chivalrous few, but this is my blog, not theirs.

17. Mascara ads that show models with thick, full lashes, failing to mention that said lashes are augmented with falsies.

18. A society which thinks that Jessica Simpson is fat! The girl has an honest to goodness female body. She looks healthy, not emaciated or androgynous. The wardrobe choice, is another topic altogether.

19. That people feel entitled to know every detail about well known people. I think it is shameful and disrespectful that pictures of Rhianna taken after she was assaulted have been published. It is bad enough she was treated that way but to add insult to injury, literally, by publishing those pictures is beyond belief.

20. That the media no longer presents information impartially. They are there to report, not spin or push an agenda.

21. People who claim to be ardent Catholics or any type of Catholic but support things that are clearly in serious defiance of church teaching. Also those who try to pervert or subvert the church. Why don't they just create their own church instead of tearing down the one true Church?

Monday, February 16, 2009

How's this for a non-threatening learning atmosphere?

Student Sues L.A. College Over Right to Give Anti-Gay Marriage Speech
Monday, February 16, 2009
LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles college student is suing his school, saying he was deprived of his right to freedom of speech. Jonathan Lopez says a public speaking professor berated him in class for making a speech opposing same-sex marriage. He says the professor wouldn't allow him to finish and called him a "fascist."

Lopez is represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal organization. In a letter to the group, the dean says she considers the complaint "extremely serious in nature" and has begun a disciplinary investigation.

But the dean also wrote that two students were "deeply offended" by the speech. She quoted one as saying "this student should have to pay some price for preaching hate in the classroom."
Lopez made the speech at Los Angeles City College in November, days after the passage of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California.

Apparently this is the College of 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do'. Preaching hate, huh? What is this college teaching other than its own agenda? It is certainly not teaching students to think and speak for themselves. The dean's comments are troubling. I think 'extremely serious in nature' is her response to the fact that the kid dared stand up and speak the truth. Let's be honest, that investigation is going to go no where. The education system has churned out enough blank-minded little robots so that one who hasn't been programmed correctly speaks out they are horrified. This is scary!!! Pretty soon it will be a hate crime to say anything.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mary, Day by Day

Let all who fly to you for refuge rejoice and exult forever. Watch over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. - Ps 5:12

Reflection: Place your trust in Mary and go to her in your sorrows. She will strengthen your will, heal the wounds of your soul and give you new courage. Venerable Francis Libermann

Prayer: O Mary, I place all my trust in you. Stay with me always, despite my weaknesses and all kinds of difficulties. Renew my flagging courage and never forsake me.

~~~ Taken from Mary, Day by Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Will It Take?

Some fathead is ranting how everyone should stop having children for five years in order to save the planet. Seriously. I am amazed he hasn't suggested that the old, handicapped and ill line up for extermination in order to save the planet. Here's my suggestion for him: You first, and all your fathead family with you. I don't really mean that but I'm angry. I am amazed at the abject selfishness of the fathead and those like him who blather about such things as they drink their staryucks coffee in paper cups while driving down the street in the latest Hummer with the AC blasting. Hope he finds that paper cup comforting and supportive of him in his old age. I'm sure if he managed to have a child that poor thing will chuck him into a nursing home at the earliest possible date, or maybe, sign him up for Dr Kevorkian's program. All for the sake of the planet, of course.

What will it take, what horror will have to occur in this country before life is regarded as precious? Read this amazing story of midwife in Auschwitz who stood up to the monsters, including Mengele.

Instead, women are being told lies about their babies and then suffer for years afterward as a result of their abortions. This courageous woman was one such who was told lies but now boldly tells her story so that some other young, frightened woman will not suffer as she did. Carla also has a blog.. stop by and take a look. I am amazed at the courage and strength women have who speak up about their abortions.

Both the fathead and the courageous women who speak out about their abortions need prayers. The fathead so he wakes up to see that all human life, even his, is a gift; and the women that they heal and continue to convert hearts by their stories.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The 70's & 80's

Charlotte got me thinking about my favorite things and memories through out the years.....

~ My Dressy Bessy doll
~ Barbie camper
~ my Dawn doll
~ candy necklaces
~ banana and rootbeer popsicles
~thongs ( or as they are called now flip-flops)
~ Bonny Bell lip smackers
~ Love's Baby Soft perfume (and the ads)
~ Esprit de Corp clothes and bags
~ Members Only jackets - not that I had one
~ Powder jackets
~Purses with wooden handles and covers that could be switched.
~ Ruffle shirts with big sleeves
~ Shoulder pads!
~ Le Sport Sac bags
~ 45's: Devo Whip it!, Hall & Oates, Billy Squire...
~ Rick Springfield
~ The Highland Theatre used to be $1....
~ Top Gun, Purple Rain (would have been grounded for life if I had been caught seeing this), Risky Business (got grounded for that one), ET, Princess Bride....
~ Nikes (with the red swoosh)
~ Henleys.. I had a few but the pink one was my fav
~ mixers (a dance between two non-co-ed schools)
~ State Fair
~ Jelly shoes - why were those cute again?
~ Happy perfume - now gives me a headache
~ Most Precious perfume - not made anymore...
What fun things do you remember from growing up?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minnesota 2007 Abortion Statistics

According to the Minnesota Department of Health:

13,843 abortions were performed - on average 38 per day
28% were funded by you, the taxpayer
28% were done by PP (the evil empire), more than any other provider

Abortion as birth control:
41% of the women reported having at least one previous abortion
1,049 of the women reported having had three or more previous abortions
32 of the women reported having had nine or more previous abortions.

37% - economic reasons
74% - doesn't want children at this time
less than 1% due to rape or incest

Between 1973 and 2007 the number of babies aborted in Minnesota: 530,314

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Shack

If you were on a journey and needed a place to spend the night and came upon a desolate dilapidated shack, your instincts would warn you, "unsafe, uncomfortable, unclean, structurally unsound" and you would pass by.

What is reading a book, if not a journey? We travel on the storyteller's flying carpet through the lands of his imagination. The Shack by William Young is that dilapidated shack. Viewing it, you can see the possibilities but mostly, it is full of holes, unsafe and uncomfortable. It is full of disdain for organized religion and for 'rituals' such as the Eucharist.

It had some potential. There was a scene where the main character is asked to pick which of his children are going to hell. He begs, he pleads, he offers himself instead because he does not want his children going to hell. This would have been an excellent place to talk of God's divine mercy but all that is said is just as the main character does not want his children to go to hell, neither does God want any of His children going to hell.

I think this book will appeal most to those who want a new-agey, feel-good, everyone is going to heaven type of faith; especially those who don't want to be told what to do by some guy in Rome wearing a funky hat, for dissenters and the uncatechized.