Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fascinating People

Barbara Walters did her show regarding the most fascinating people of 2009. Ffffttt, please! Celebrities and sports figures should automatically be exempt as should people married to political figures. What has Michelle Obama done that makes her fascinating? Woo, she married Barack; big sorry deal. Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert? Two confused young people who exploit themselves and shock in order to retain attention. What happened to real talent? So, in disgust I came up with my own list of living people who are fascinating to me.

1. Pope Benedict XVI
2. Mary Jo Copeland
3. Sarah Palin
4. Catholics who live and practice their faith
5. Those who have or are serving in the military and their families
6. Women who regret their abortions and courageously speak out about it.
7. John McCain
8. Former atheists who have found the true faith
9. Faithful bishops: Burke, Dolan, Chaput
10. George W Bush

and an honorary mention goes to the guys at Hillbuzz for this post about George W Bush; their support of Sarah Palin and because they see Obamanation and Oprah the Devil for what they are.

Whom do you find fascinating?

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