Monday, February 23, 2009

Shame on YOU, Mr Penn

Dear Mr Penn ( and all the other commie-homo-loving suns of guns),

Do you remember the story The Emperor Has No Clothes? No, I am not talking about Obama; he is the president, not the emperor. The tailor convinces the naked emperor that he is wearing a fabulous outfit. All the courtiers, afraid of offending the emperor, also agree that the outfit is fabulous. They outdo each other in their compliments. The emperor parades around town convinced he is wearing sumptuous garb, when in fact, he is naked. This continues until a little boy persists in saying, "The emperor has no clothes!" The courtiers, the well-education, smug advisors shush the ignorant little boy. They know best! They know and will enlighten others! Yet the boy persists in telling the unpopular truth.

Why do I relate the story, Mr Penn? You are the tailor and the advisors, the homosexual agenda is the emperor and those who continue to say that active homosexuality is morally wrong are the little boy. You expound on tolerance, insist that gays have the 'right' to marry. You are sewing a batch of lies and making what is perverted, normal.

There is no shame in telling the truth. Personally, I'm not worried what my grandchildren will think when they look at me. If they are raised right, they will know right from wrong and what is moral from immoral. I'm more concerned with what the Lord will say to me at my judgement if I don't speak the truth. The shame is yours, Mr Penn, for such lies. I do agree with you on one thing. Everyone should be treated respectfully. Everyone.



PS: I think it was quite shabby of you not to have included your wife in your acceptance speech.

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Btw, I think I heard that Sean and Robin are seperated or divorced.