Friday, June 11, 2010

Attacking the Church

Foxnews had an article about a certain singer's latest video which is rife with Catholic images used in an unholy, irreverent and mocking way. News flash Steph, Madonna's already been there, done that. Amazingly, the article asks why it is only Christianity and usually Catholicism, that is the target. Why not Islam? Why not Buddhism? Why not any other religion? We already know the answer to that, don't we?

What is shocking to me is the hatred and ignorance expressed by some of those who commented on the article. One particular person was gleeful at anything that mocked the 'idolatry' of a such 'moneymaking organization'.

What other religion has stood fast for over 2000 years to the same teachings? What other religion teaches the truth regarding abortion, birth control and homosexual activity? People do not like to be told no. People do not like to be told what they are doing is sinful. That is why the Church is hated, as Jesus was hated.

Finally, what other church or organization has done as much for the poor, education and health care? It is the Catholic Church who created orphanages, hospitals and schools.